Answers to our most frequently asked questions:

What is Fozzie?

You can search professionals across dozens of industries and hundreds of roles to find networking opportunities for your business. Two ways to connect with professionals include booking a video meeting or sending a reply request. Reply requests are affordable and require professionals to respond to your message and up to three questions.

How is Fozzie unique?

Fozzie is an innovative solution that solves networking roadblocks. Whether you’re seeking sales connections, mentorship, sharing ideas, or feedback on a project, it’s easy to reach out to the right contacts. Fozzie helps you connect with the right people without the hassle.

How does billing work?

You send a request for a meeting or reply, if the professional agrees and a meeting is booked or a reply is received, we charge your card for the agreed-upon rate.

What types of professionals are on Fozzie?

Fozzie is an innovative solution to solving the networking roadblocks that limit your reach. Whether you’re seeking sales connections, mentorship, sharing ideas, or simply feedback on a project, Fozzie helps you connect with the right person without the hassle of breaking through those barriers.

Why should I sign up on Fozzie?

Networking through Fozzie compensates you for your time unlike traditional networking and sales channels.

What do I do to get started?

It’s so easy – we use LinkedIn login to create your account. Once you login, you just need to set your rates, connect your Calendly calendar and decide how you want to be paid.

Does Fozzie give out my contact information?

No, anyone who wishes to connect with you will do so through the Fozzie app. We never give them your personal contact info.

How will I receive my payouts?

You can choose to be paid directly through PayPal, or you can donate to your favorite charity through Pledge.

How does Fozzie generate revenue?

For each booking or reply that is paid out, Fozzie retains 25% to operate the platform. Please keep this in mind when setting your rates.

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