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Search Executive Leads, Book Meetings

Join our prospect marketplace and book meetings with qualified leads. Fozzie is you lead gen secret weapon!

Book Meetings, Guaranteed.

Search Expert Leads

Thousands of experts are ready to meet with you for less than the cost of traditional sales methods.

Request Meeting

When an expert accepts your meeting request, you can book their calendar directly from Fozzie.

Unmatched ROI

Reduce the time and cost. Fozzie helps your team get to the bottom of the funnel faster.

How It Works


Quality lead generation is getting more difficult for B2B Sales Reps. The four methods primarily used to reach a prospect today are calls, emails, LinkedIn and paid ads. The average cost for a first meeting is a whopping $1645 and doesn’t include the cost of time spent nurturing the lead. Fozzie provides access to expert leads that are ready to book with you today!


Introducing the marketplace for businesses to book better meetings. Find your ideal prospects, who are all verified with LinkedIn, and send a direct request to book a meeting with them. The expert lead has set their rate for a meeting. Once your meeting has been accepted, your payment is held in escrow until the meeting has been completed.  


You’ve booked time on their calendar, now close the deal! You have the undivided attention of a high-quality expert lead for the allocated meeting time to pitch your product or service. The closing is up to you. When the meeting is complete, the expert lead is paid the agreed-upon rate.

Fozzie Delivers Value On
Both Sides of the Deal

Salespeople are looking to book meetings with executive decision-makers to pitch their products or services. Current outreach response rates are low, based on data email responses get a 1% reply and 0.5% booking rate. We’re ready to help you fill your calendar with qualified leads. Fozzie wants to bring these expert leads together in a way that makes if easy for sales reps to book their calendar, and in return pay them for their time.

Experts, you can sign up and set your own rate, connect your Calendly, choose which meetings to take, and get paid! You can also donate your earnings to a charity of your choice through our integration.