Lusha Review 2023 and the Best Alternative list

Lusha is a company that was founded in 2016 to create the world’s largest crowdsourced data community for B2B salespeople. The founders, Assaf Eisenstein and Yoni Tserruya, wanted to create a tool that would make it easier for sales professionals to access accurate and up-to-date data for their prospects and leads. 

Lusha is designed to be a self-service tool, providing sales professionals with an easy-to-use platform for identifying, engaging, and closing prospects. Lusha offers a suite of products, including a prospecting platform, a web extension, and an API, to make data enrichment simple and accessible for sales professionals of all company sizes.

With Lusha, sales professionals can quickly and easily find the information they need to engage their prospects and close more deals. Lusha’s community has grown significantly, with over 670,000 sales professionals and 223,000 sales organizations using the tool, including companies like Zendesk, Google, and Yotpo

This growth is a testament to the effectiveness of Lusha as a data enrichment tool for sales professionals, and its continued success is likely to continue.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the features of Lusha and how it can help your business in 2023, along with a few other alternatives.

What is Lusha?

Lusha is a data enrichment tool that helps sales professionals and businesses find accurate and up-to-date contact information for their prospects and leads, such as email addresses and phone numbers. 

This tool integrates with popular sales and business platforms, such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Recruiter, Salesforce, and company websites, allowing users to access this information directly from their browsers in real time. 

With Lusha, you can quickly and easily enrich your prospect and Lead data, streamlining your sales process and increasing your chances of success. You can try Lusha for free by setting up a free account and receiving 5 free monthly credits.

Lusha’s data enrichment tool offers several additional features to enhance your sales process and make it more efficient:

  • The prospecting platform allows you to search for contacts by specific fields, such as company name, location, revenue, and industry, making it easier to find the right prospects for your business.
  • Lusha on CRM integrates with popular CRM platforms, such as Salesforce and Hubspot, allowing you to continue your prospecting and contact enrichment directly from your CRM. This eliminates the need to switch between multiple platforms, saving you time and effort.
  • The bulk enrichment feature allows you to enrich the data for up to 25 contacts at a time from your Sales Navigator account. You can then save the enriched data to your Lusha lists or directly to your CRM, giving you a complete and accurate picture of your prospects and leads.

Lusha Pricing and Offers

Lusha offers several pricing plans for users who need more credits and benefits. 

Free Plan – 5 credits (1 User)

Free plan includes:

  • Direct phone numbers
  • Landline phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Basic prospecting platform
  • Basic Chrome extension

Pro Plan – 480 credits (1 User)

Pro Plan = $348/User (billed annually)

Pro plan has everything of Free plan, plus:

  • List management
  • List export
  • Basic team management
  • Shared credit pool

Premium Plan – 960 credits (1 User)

Premium Plan = $612/User (billed annually)

Premium Plan has everything of Pro Plan, plus:

  • Prospecting bulk show (25 contacts)
  • Extension bulk show (25 contacts)
  • Basic usage analytics

A Special Scale Plan

This plan is ideal for prospecting at large scales. Also the pricing is decided via contacting sales team of Lusha. 

Scale plan has everything of Premium Plan, plus:

  • CSV enrichment
  • Prospecting bulk show (1,000 contacts)
  • CRM integrations
  • Intent signals
  • Job changes
  • Technologies
  • Salesforce data enrichment
  • Lusha API
  • SSO
  • Advanced team management
  • Customer Success Manager

Now, let us skim through a few distinct features of Lusha with respect to Prospecting, Sales Intelligence Data Standards, and Data Augmentation & Lead Qualification.

Lusha: Prospect stronger with its features

  • Web Browser Extension

It provides users with a web browser extension that helps them to efficiently find and collect information about potential leads while browsing the internet. 

This is a valuable tool for sales and business development professionals, as it enables them to quickly gather information about potential leads without having to leave their web browser or switch to another tool. 

The extension uses advanced algorithms and data sources to identify leads and provide relevant information about them, such as their contact information and details about their company. 

  • Identification of New Leads

It helps users to source leads that meet specific standards in terms of rate, volume, and quality. 

This means that the platform identifies leads that are relevant, plentiful, and of high quality, ensuring that users are able to effectively reach out to potential customers. 

In addition, the platform generates both email and direct dial contact information for the leads, which makes it easier for users to get in touch with them. .

  • List Upload/Download

Lusha provides users with the ability to easily manage lists of leads and contacts by allowing for quick upload and download of lists. 

This feature can be a time-saver for businesses and sales teams, as it makes it easier to import and export large amounts of data without having to manually enter or copy and paste each record. 

This is also be useful for collaboration, as different team members can easily share their lists and data with each other. 

  • LinkedIn Integration

It integrates with LinkedIn, providing users with access to professional networking opportunities. LinkedIn is a popular professional networking platform that allows users to connect with other professionals in their industry and build relationships. 

By integrating with LinkedIn, the platform provides users with access to a wider pool of potential leads and contacts, as well as the ability to easily find and connect with relevant people. 

This is especially valuable for sales and business development professionals, as it provides them with a new channel for finding and engaging with potential customers. 

By leveraging the power of LinkedIn, users can grow their professional network, build their brand, and expand their reach, helping them to succeed and reach their goals.

Lusha: Data Augmentation & Lead Qualification Features

  • Lead Qualification Process 

It helps sales representatives prioritize their sales leads. It does this by ranking leads according to various rules and criteria. 

The goal is to help sales reps focus on the most promising leads or those leads that are most likely to result in a sale. 

As a result, this enables sales reps to be more efficient with their time and resources and to achieve better sales results. 

This process can also help organizations to optimize their sales pipeline and ensure that they are maximizing their return on investment in terms of time and resources.

  • Company/Business Profiles

It provides comprehensive information about a company, including firmographics, business objectives, industry information, similar companies, and contact information for key decision makers and influencers. 

This information gives sales representatives the context they need to deliver tailored sales pitches, which can increase their chances of success. By having access to firmographic information such as company size, location, and revenue, sales reps can better understand the company and its needs. 

Information about business objectives, industry trends, and similar companies can help sales reps to better understand the market and the competitive landscape. 

Contact information for key decision makers and influencers provides sales reps with the ability to directly connect with the right people at the company. This information can help sales reps to build relationships and deliver more effective sales pitches that are tailored to the specific needs of the company. 

By providing this level of account information, the platform can help sales reps to close more deals and achieve better sales results.

  • Automatic Data Refresh

It ensures that both contact and company information is automatically kept up to date. 

This is important because outdated information can be misleading and can negatively impact sales and business development efforts. 

Additionally, this feature can save sales reps time and effort by eliminating the need to manually update information, freeing up more time for other important sales activities. 

Overall, automatic data updating helps to ensure that sales reps have access to the most accurate and relevant information possible, which can be critical for success.

  • Ability to Append Contact, Lead, and Account-level Data

 It allows users to append records at the contact, Lead, and/or account level, which means that they can add additional information to the existing records. 

For example, if a user has additional information about a contact that is not currently included in the record, they can add it, which can help to provide a complete picture of the contact. 

Additionally, appending records can help to keep the data up to date and accurate, as users can add new information as it becomes available. This can be particularly valuable for sales and business development efforts, as having up-to-date and accurate information can increase the chances of success.

Lusha Reviews

Lusha can help businesses and individuals gather contact and company information, including phone numbers and email addresses. Here are advantages and disadvantages of using Lusha:


  1. Time-saving: Lusha can save a lot of time when searching for contact and company information by providing accurate data in a short amount of time.
  2. High-quality data: Lusha’s data is generally of high quality, which means you can rely on the information for sales and marketing purposes.
  3. Easy integration: Lusha can be integrated with popular CRMs like Salesforce, making it easier to manage and use data in the sales process.


  1. Cost: Lusha is a paid tool, which can be a significant disadvantage for small businesses or individuals on a budget.
  2. Limited data: Lusha may not have all the contact or company information that you need, as it relies on publicly available data sources, which may not be comprehensive.
  3. Privacy concerns: Some people may not be comfortable with their personal information being publicly available and searchable through tools like Lusha, which may lead to privacy concerns.

Lusha G2 Reviews: Most Helpful Reviews for Lusha

In G2, Lusha has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 from 1329 reviews. The breakdown of the reviews is as follows:

  • 9.1 for ease of setup
  • 9.3 for ease of use
  • 8.1 for quality of support

Positive Lusha reviews on G2

  1. Great tool for prospecting 
  2. Analysis of highly competitive markets
  3. Think of direct contacts, think of Lusha

Negative Lusha reviews on G2

  1. Do not use Lusha. It is a rip off

Lusha Reviews on Capterra

In Capterra, Lusha has an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 from 336 reviews. The breakdown of the reviews is as follows:

  • 3.0 for value for Money
  • 4.0 for customer service
  • 5.0 for ease of use
  • 5.5 for features

Positive Lusha reviews on Capterra

  1. Lusha is a better option for Lead Generation
  2. One of the best Enrichment tool which can be used by any industry
  3. Lusha works wonders!
  4. A good tool for getting contact details of your prospects

Negative Lusha reviews on Capterra

  1. Lusha price increase of 66%

Lusha Top Alternatives

Reach all your ideal customers from one place

When looking for alternatives to Lusha, consider factors such as data segmentation/filtering, user, role, access management, and connections, as well as email and lead generation capabilities. Based on reviewer feedback, some of the best overall alternatives and competitors to Lusha include ZoomInfo SalesOS, Adapt, RocketReach, and LeadIQ. 

Let us gain a better understanding of the market and make an informed decision about which solution is best for your needs. 

ZoomInfo SalesOS

ZoomInfo SalesOS is a platform that helps you find potential customers by providing access to a large database of information about companies and individuals, including their contact details, insights, purchasing intentions, and more. The data is constantly updated and is considered the most accurate and up-to-date of its kind, making it a go-to resource for sales and marketing professionals looking to reach new customers.


Adapt is a tool that allows sales and marketing professionals to access a vast database of business and contact information. This information is regularly updated and is known for its accuracy, making it a valuable resource for business owners and professionals looking to expand their customer base and grow their businesses.


RocketReach is a platform that provides real-time access to information about millions of professionals across the world. It includes features such as verified email and phone number lookups, social media links, and advanced search capabilities. 

The platform is designed to scale with users’ needs and offers a powerful API, Chrome and Edge extensions, and the ability to perform bulk lookups. RocketReach can also be integrated into existing systems and workflows through pre-built integrations with popular sales and marketing tools like Salesforce, Outreach, HubSpot, and SalesLoft, as well as thousands of other apps through Zapier.


Lead411 is a data platform that provides verified information about companies and their contacts. It includes details such as company and contact information, verified emails, direct dial phone numbers, and email/SMS outreach information. This information is powered by Lead Intelligence, making it a comprehensive resource for businesses looking to reach new customers and expand their reach.


UpLead is a platform that provides business-to-business (B2B) data and sales intelligence services. It offers users access to millions of verified business contacts and companies worldwide, allowing them to quickly and easily find potential customers and partners. The platform is designed to help businesses increase their sales and improve their lead-generation efforts by providing them with accurate and up-to-date information about the businesses they are targeting.

Lusha Integrations

With Lusha’s one-click integrations, you don’t have to worry about entering all your leads’ information, so you can spend your time nurturing and converting them.

  • Lusha Salesforce Integration 

Lusha easily link up with Salesforce and promptly store the appropriate lead or contact information into the corresponding Salesforce field. Enhance your Salesforce repository within a matter of seconds.

  • Lusha HubSpot Integration

You can easily push targeted lists from Lusha to HubSpot to capture the most valuable leads in your CRM. This makes Lusha the perfect partner for HubSpot CRM users.

  • Lusha Outreach Integration

Using Lusha Outreach integration, you will be able to save every lead to the right sequence for a better conversion rate. Manage your pipeline better with Lusha from nurture to conversion, from lead to conversion.

  • Lusha Microsoft Dynamics Integration

The Lusha app automatically saves the correct lead/contact information in the right field in the Dynamics CRM system.

  • Lusha Salesloft Integration 

It is easy to integrate Lusha with Salesloft and save leads and accurate data to the right cadence. You can personalize your outreach and connect with buyers more quickly.

  • Lusha Bullhorn Integration 

Lusha can be integrated with Bullhorn to ensure that the right candidates are enrolled in the right tracking process. This allows you to view all candidate information in one place and speed up the recruitment process.

  • Lusha Piepedrive Integration

Adding Lucha to Pipedrive will put all of your workflows on autopilot, so you can save prospect lists in bulk, so that more opportunities can be booked and converted to appointments.

  • Lusha Zoho Integration

Lusha integrates seamlessly with Zoho to save more relevant leads to your Zoho database so you can convert more leads into opportunities without breaking your workflows.

  • Lusha Outlook Integration

The Lusha integration with Outlook allows you to work directly from your inbox. Sync data directly from Lusha to Outlook; email, make calls, and keep the data up-to-date with just one click.

Lusha Chrome Extension

Lusha offers an extension for Google Chrome that can be added to your browser to improve prospecting efficiency. The Lusha Extension can be used on LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Recruiter, Salesforce, or any company website to instantly access prospects’ contact information and B2B company details. 

Simply open the Lusha Extension to get the information you need in just a matter of seconds.

  • Lusha LinkedIn

Lusha integrates with LinkedIn to provide instant access to contact and company information on prospects. 

You can use Lusha on LinkedIn to enrich data on a single prospect directly from their LinkedIn profile page or to bulk enrich multiple prospects using the LinkedIn people search or LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

This saves time and effort in finding accurate and up-to-date information on prospects and helps you connect with them more efficiently.

  • Lusha CRM

The Lusha Extension expands your prospecting capabilities beyond LinkedIn. 

With the Lusha on CRM add-on, you can reveal and enrich all of your potential opportunities within your Salesforce and Hubspot CRMs, without leaving the platform. 

This saves time and streamlines your prospecting process, allowing you to focus on connecting with and converting leads efficiently.

  • Lusha Everywhere

Lusha Everywhere simplifies account-based marketing (ABM) and account-based sales (ABS) selling. 

With Lusha Everywhere, you can visit any company website and open the extension to access valuable information about the company’s buying committee. You can quickly enroll decision makers in the right sequence with just one click, email them directly, or start a new company search without having to leave the current website. 

This enhances your ability to reach and connect with the right people, making the sales and marketing process more efficient and effective.


Lusha is a user-friendly software solution that streamlines recruitment and other applications. With just one click, Lusha provides the contact information you need, saving time and effort in research. 

It’s not only beneficial for recruitment managers but also for those in B2B sales and marketing as it provides accurate and up-to-date email addresses and phone numbers, enabling them to connect with leads more efficiently. 

Lusha not only makes your job easier but also helps convert leads and increase profits, making it a valuable software solution to consider.

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