Apollo.io: Review, Performance, Alternatives (2023 Edition)

As a business owner or sales professional, you understand the importance of having access to reliable and accurate sales intelligence. Apollo.io is just that. When it comes to sales intelligence in 2023, Apollo.io would be surely one of the most recommended ones. Here’s a quick look at the features of this platform, performance, as well as the best alternatives it has in the market. Take a look! 


Apollo.io provides detailed insights into potential customers, identifying opportunities to close deals faster and more effectively. It has comprehensive market research capabilities and advanced data analytics. 

There’s no denying the fact that enterprise owners would wish to accelerate their ROIs, and that’s where they need to put the sales team into action. Apollo.io would be a reliable platform in this regard along with some great alternatives like Fozzie.io

So, let’s breeze through the features of Apollo.io, how it can help your business along with a few other alternatives that serve the same purpose in 2023. 

Let’s get started.

An Overview of Apollo.io

Apollo.io is an innovative sales intelligence platform built to help you accelerate your sales and marketing processes.

With its powerful tools, Apollo provides users with the ability to prospect, engage, and drive more revenue through enhanced customer discovery capabilities, contact management features, and modern go-to-market strategies.

  • Through segmentation filters such as industry type, company size and location – users have access to critical information they need to make informed decisions about potential prospects.
  • Furthermore, Apollo allows users to manage their contacts in one centralized place. 
  • Users can nurture relationships with key prospects by utilizing account-based marketing techniques alongside personalized engagement templates and conversation insights.
  • Finally, Apollo offers users a comprehensive go-to-market strategy that allows them to quickly identify opportunities for improvement in their sales process and make changes. This includes automated prospecting tasks, customer engagement tracking & reporting, and more.

So, if you want to discover more customers in the market, connect with contacts efficiently, and establish a modern go-to-market strategy – Apollo.io can be a unique option. Before we move on to its performance, let’s dive into the features:  

Features of Apollo.io

There are multiple features that make Apollo.io stand out from other similar platforms. The significant features are as follows:

Call Recording


The recordings are then securely stored in Apollo’s cloud storage to be accessed at any time. The best part is Apollo.io also offers transcribing services that can help you easily convert your recordings into text format. 

This feature benefits those who don’t have the time to listen to their calls.

CRM Integration

Apollo.io integrates with the most popular CRMs to help you manage customer information. 

You can easily sync contacts, leads, and accounts across multiple systems. This ensures that all your customer data is automatically updated and up-to-date in one centralized location.

Additionally, Apollo.io allows you to manage your sales process more efficiently, by tracking every interaction you have with a customer.

Call Monitoring


Apollo.io helps organizations identify areas of improvement in their customer interactions and ensure agents appropriately handle calls. 

Call Monitoring also empowers leaders to understand better how customer service is being handled at all levels.

Call Management

Apollo.io’s analytics capabilities allow users to track average call time and a number of dropped calls, helping them make informed decisions about how best to manage their customer service team.

Call List Management

The Apollo.io list management feature allows users to manage contacts easily and leads through one simple interface.

Users can segment their lists based on criteria such as geography, industry type, job title, contact information, etc., enabling them to quickly identify key contacts and leads they need to reach out to.

Apollo.io also provides users with analytics that allow them to track the results of campaigns launched from each list.

Call/ Email Sequencing


Apollo.io enables users to set up call and email sequencing with ease. It simplifies the process of scheduling follow-ups, automates messages, and helps customers keep track of their communication tasks.

With Apollo.io’s Call/Email Sequencing feature, users can easily send out automated emails or calls based on their defined timeframes.

This feature ensures that communication is consistently made throughout a customer journey and that all follow-up tasks are completed as needed.

With Apollo.io’s advanced analytics users can also monitor their progress to determine which strategies work best for them.

Email Automation

Apollo.io allows you to create automated emails triggered when specific conditions are met. This feature is extremely useful for sales teams as it helps them stay connected with leads, prospects and customers.

Apollo.io’s email automation tool enables users to set up workflows based on the individual customer’s actions. Additionally, users have access to a library of customizable templates which they can use to tailor their messages according to their needs.

Furthermore, Apollo.io offers powerful reporting tools that provide insights into the performance of each automated email campaign.

Inbox Integration

Apollo.io is built to seamlessly integrate with your existing inbox, allowing you to track and manage all of your customer conversations in one place.

Apollo.io’s inbox integration provides you with an efficient platform to handle customer inquiries quickly, reducing the time it takes to respond and increasing customer satisfaction.

Apollo.io’s integration allows you to keep track of all conversations between customers and agents and any related files or documents that need to be shared.

Lead Scoring


Apollo.io’s Lead Scoring feature is an intuitive way to score leads in your contact database. This feature allows you to assign points to certain criteria, such as job title and company size, which will help you prioritize leads based on their scoring.

You can also create custom scoring rules for different lead sources or even by industry. Apollo.io will then rank your leads based on their total score, so you know which are worth pursuing first.

Sales Activity Automation

Apollo.io helps businesses to increase their efficiency and productivity. It automates key activities in the sales process, including lead tracking & management, appointment scheduling and follow-up, automated contact capture and enrichment, and analytics.

Apollo.io enables teams to identify high potential customers quickly, target those customers with personalized campaigns, track progress towards goals, measure success against KPIs, and easily report results back to stakeholders.

Apollo also provides a range of integrations with popular CRM systems such as Salesforce and HubSpot for seamless data synchronization.

With Apollo.io’s suite of features, businesses can save time on mundane tasks while still providing quality customer service and driving sales growth.

Team Management


Apollo.io allows users to manage their teams with ease. Teams are organized into two main components — roles and groups — which allow team members to access relevant information quickly.

Roles provide a structure for organizing user permissions and actions, while groups allow users to collaborate on projects more easily. All changes are tracked in real time so you can monitor your team’s progress.

Workflow Management

Apollo.io’s workflow management feature takes the hassle out of project management. 

This powerful tool allows organisations to easily build efficient processes and track progress with custom views and an advanced reporting system.

It also features automated reminders, task assignments, and notifications to keep teams on track with their deadlines. Its intuitive drag-and-drop icons make it easy to set up specific tasks or adjust existing ones quickly.

Apollo.io’s workflow management ensures that no matter how complex your projects may be, you always have a clear picture of where things stand – without sacrificing efficiency.

Benefits of Apollo.io

Mentioned below are the significant benefits of using Apollo.io:


Reaching Out to Target Prospects

Sales representatives find it extremely cumbersome to reach out to effective prospects. Cold calling, paid ads, LinkedIn marketing, and several other strategies are adopted. Apollo.io can help with over 150 million verified mobile numbers and data, which surely helps in bringing sales rep and executives to the table. 

Secure & Reliable Hosting

Apollo.io provides reliable hosting for any application. It has advanced security features that protect user data from malicious activity or third-party attacks.

Moreover, its high availability infrastructure ensures consistent uptime and performance regardless of traffic volume or other external factors.

Apollo.io Customer Service

All plans, with the exception of the free plan, provide customer service by email. A successful client success manager, along with training and onboarding, are included in the personalized plan. The fact that customer assistance is based abroad is often acceptable. Most problems may be resolved using the chat tool during regular business hours. The group is helpful and cordial.

Apollo.io is a terrific tool for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and small sales teams whenever it relates to sales engagement platforms. The software is quite affordable and makes importing contact information into outgoing sequences simple. It is not the best option for big sales groups. A better option would be a platform like Fozzie or Salesloft. 

Apollo.io Pricing

Check out the four pricing editions available for Apollo.io and find the solution that’s right for you! A free trial is also available, so you can test it before committing.

Look through the different packages to see which one matches your budget and needs.

Free Plan


1 User Per Month

Apollo.io offers a free plan to get you started on your journey to better sales and marketing automation.

With this plan, you get one user per month, 50 email credits/month, access to the LinkedIn Extension, basic sequence automation, Gmail extension, basic filters, HubSpot & Salesforce Integration (pull only), tracking for Email Open, Click, Reply & Meeting events, Zapier integration, CSV export support and limited API access.

This plan is perfect for those just starting out with their automated processes and need something that won’t break the bank. 

It’s also great if you have a limited budget and want to test Apollo before committing to any other plans.


Basic Plan


1 User Per Month

Apollo.io’s Basic Plan provides users with 200 email credits, enabling them to quickly and efficiently reach their customers.

This plan also features an intuitive rules engine for streamlined processes, amazing bi-directional integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot, prebuilt advanced reports and dashboards, integration with all email providers, custom fields opportunities, no sequence limit and unlimited sending limits with Sendgrid.

Finally, the basic plan includes advanced filters that allow users to refine their targeting to get the most out of their campaigns. 

With Apollo.io’s powerful tools, you can boost productivity like never before!

Professional Plan


1 User Per Month

50 Mobile Numbers, Unlimited Email Credits / Mo & Everything in Basic plus:

Apollo.io’s Professional Plan is designed for serious marketers and sales professionals who need more advanced tools and features such as manual tasks, dialer, call recordings, custom stages, and A/B testing to increase productivity and close more deals.

Manual Tasks allows users to create personalized tasks to keep organized with their contacts, making it easier to follow up on leads without worrying about overlooking important details.

The Dialer feature makes it easy for users to dial out numbers from lists of prospects quickly. Additionally, the Call Recordings feature records all incoming calls so you can review conversations at any time.

Custom Plan

With Apollo.io’s Custom Plan, you’ll get unlimited email credits, custom mobile numbers, and all the features of Professional Plus.

You’ll have greater control over your CRM system with advanced API access, customizable reports and permission profiles so that only certain members of your team can view and edit specific data fields.

You won’t be limited by a set number of records when uploading or exporting customer data either.

Apollo.io’s Custom Plan allows you to select up to 10,000 records at a time! Plus, Apollo.io’s Data Enrichment & Job Changes feature automatically updates contact information so there is no need for manual entry or maintenance.

These four Apollo.io plans to offer the flexibility to choose which features are best for your team and business. Whether you’re a freelancer or an enterprise organization, Apollo.io has something for you!

Sign up with Apollo.io today and take advantage of all the amazing features our plans offer! With Apollo.io, you’ll be able to grow your customer base and take your business to the next level.

Apollo.io Chrome Extension


The Apollo.io Chrome Extension gives you access to the powerful features of Apollo.io on many of your favorite websites and tools, such as Gmail, Salesforce, LinkedIn and other major brand websites.

With this extension installed, you can easily manage your contacts, research companies and individuals and enhance your experience with automated workflow actions.

You can quickly improve customer outreach and relationship-building efficiency using Apollo’s intuitive dashboard interface.

The functionality of the Apollo Chrome Extension Application


The Apollo.io Chrome Extension enhances your Gmail experience by making it easy to see contact information, such as email address and phone number, for people you email. 

It also provides detailed insights about companies and contacts associated with emails.


The Apollo.io Chrome Extension integrates with Salesforce to allow users to enrich their contact records with Apollo data, making it easier to manage customer relationships and gain greater insight into their customers’ needs.



The Apollo.io Chrome Extension can be used in LinkedIn to provide more detailed information on prospective contacts or leads, helping users make more informed decisions when connecting and engaging with them.

Apollo.io Integrations


Apollo.io integrates with SendGrid, a cloud-based email delivery service. This integration allows Apollo.io users to send emails and SMS messages directly from the Apollo.io platform.


Apollo.io also uses SendGrid’s API to track the performance of outbound email campaigns and inbound replies.

The integration between Apollo.io and SendGrid provides Apollo.io customers with more efficient communication channels for reaching their contacts and improving customer engagement.

With this powerful combination, Apollo.io users can create effective marketing campaigns that reach potential customers quickly and accurately.


Apollo.io provides seamless integrations with Salesforce, the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform businesses worldwide use.

The integration allows you to sync customer data between Apollo.io and Salesforce, so you can automatically create, update or delete contacts in Apollo.io based on your specific criteria.

You can also use Apollo.io to trigger notifications when a contact is created or updated in Salesforce allowing you to stay up-to-date with customers’ activity.

With Apollo.io’s Salesforce integration, you get the power of Apollo.io and the reliability of Salesforce working together effortlessly.

HubSpot CRM

Apollo.io’s integration with HubSpot CRM allows you to quickly and easily connect your customer data between the two platforms.


With this integration, Apollo.io can automatically sync leads, contacts, deals and more in realtime so that you’re always up-to-date with the latest information.

Apollo.io also has additional features like automated follow-up emails, lead scoring and more to help make sure your sales process runs smoothly. Connect Apollo.io to HubSpot CRM to take advantage of all of its powerful capabilities!

Microsoft Outlook

With Apollo.io, you can seamlessly integrate your emails from Microsoft Outlook into Apollo.io and leverage its powerful features to get more out of your emails.

Apollo.io’s MS Outlook integration streamlines the email process, allowing users to quickly and easily send, receive, manage, track and store all their emails in one convenient place.

Apollo.io’s automation capabilities allow for advanced scheduling and recognition of customers’ needs, ensuring that every customer interaction is handled efficiently and accurately.


Apollo.io, the AI-powered sales acceleration platform, now integrates with Gmail, allowing users to send automated emails from their Gmail account.

Apollo.io’s powerful artificial intelligence engine quickly scans endless amounts of data to determine and recommend the best time and content for email outreach.

Apollo.io then automatically sends this information to Gmail, streamlining your outreach process and ensuring that you always send the most personalized messages possible.

Apollo.io also lets you easily track opens, clicks and other engagement metrics in your Gmail inbox.


Apollo.io is a powerful tool that helps you unlock the potential of your LinkedIn profiles. 

With Apollo.io, you can quickly find and connect with qualified leads, drive more traffic to your business, and optimize your LinkedIn account for maximum results.

Apollo.io provides accurate, searchable data from over 200 million members on LinkedIn, allowing users to target prospects who are most likely interested in their product or service.

Apollo.io also offers tailored insights into customer segments, job categories, and industries so you can personalize your outreach efforts for greater efficiency and success.

Apollo.io integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator platform to give you access to deeper analytics about prospects and activities from their networks. Maximize your reach and get the most out of LinkedIn with Apollo.io.



Outreach is critical for any business, and Apollo.io offers you the ability to connect with your customers quickly and efficiently through powerful integrations.

With Apollo.io’s easy-to-use interface & comprehensive integration capabilities, you can communicate with prospects from a single platform while also taking advantage of automation tools like email campaigns & customer segmentation to ensure maximum reach.


Apollo.io integrates conveniently with Zapier, an online automation platform that helps connect and automate workflows between web apps.

In other words, Zapier is a powerful tool to help streamline your workflow processes by connecting Apollo.io with hundreds of popular business platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, MailChimp and more.

With Apollo.io’s integration with Zapier, you can improve marketing operations’ efficiency when managing specific campaigns or tasks across multiple web applications.

For example, Apollo.io’s Zapier integration enables users to automatically send new contact information from Apollo.io into their CRM system for added convenience.

Overall, this integration provides Apollo.io customers with a seamless and efficient workflow to optimize their marketing processes.

Apollo.io Salesforce Integration

Integrating Apollo.io with Salesforce is a great way to keep your data synchronized between the two systems, but there are some essential considerations before you get started.

Knowing the key areas of focus makes it easier to set up the connection properly and reduces the chances of errors.

These include understanding Apollo’s authentication methods, creating an integration account in Salesforce, configuring APIS & setting user access levels on both platforms & testing data mapping between Apollo and Salesforce.

Here are the main areas where Apollo.io Salesforce integration actually works:

Pushing to Salesforce

Apollo.io allows you to push data from Apollo into Salesforce. This can include contacts, accounts and opportunities. Thus, Apollo.io lets you create and update records in Salesforce without requiring manual input.

Pulling from Salesforce

Apollo.io offers a powerful integration solution for Salesforce, allowing users to connect the two platforms easily. It provides an all-in-one interface that enables one-click synchronization of data between Salesforce and Apollo.io.

This integration provides a seamless connection that allows Apollo.io users to access Salesforce information in Apollo.io, allowing them to manage their sales and customer service tasks quickly.

Mapping Fields

Apollo.io provides an integration with Salesforce that enables users to map fields from Apollo.io to Salesforce, allowing them to sync data between the two systems quickly.

This integration enables sales and customer teams to create a powerful bridge between Apollo.io and Salesforce.

It also ensures that data is updated quickly and accurately allowing teams to take advantage of Apollo.io’s features while still having the convenience of Salesforce’s system.

Avoiding Duplicates

Apollo.io makes it easy to integrate Salesforce with your existing software, helping you to avoid duplicate data entry and streamlining processes.

Apollo.io’s integration solution is designed to ensure that all of your customer information is maintained accurately in one place, reducing the amount of manual data entry required and improving overall efficiency.

Viewing Errors

Apollo.io provides a robust integration with Salesforce, allowing for quick and easy access to data stored in the cloud. However, due to the complexity of the integration, it is possible that errors can occur during the process.

Fortunately, Apollo.io makes it easy to view these errors quickly and efficiently. By navigating to the Apollo.io logs page, users are able to see a detailed list of any errors that may have occurred during the integration process.

Apollo.io Hubspot Integration


Apollo.io is a powerful, streamlined integration that connects your Hubspot CRM to hundreds of other popular applications.

By syncing customer data from these apps with the Hubspot platform, Apollo.io makes it easy for organizations to maximize their ROI and create an optimal customer experience.

The Apollo.io Hubspot integration provides many advantages for businesses looking to streamline their operations and increase efficiency.

With Apollo.io, you can automatically sync customer data across all systems used in your business—from third-party platforms like Salesforce to internal tools such as Gmail or Slack—ensuring that everyone accesses the same up-to-date information.

Apollo.io Enrichment

Apollo.io is a powerful contact enrichment tool for sales and marketing teams. It helps you quickly identify, cleanse and enrich your contacts with data from multiple sources.

This way, you can make sure that you’re sending the right messages to the right people at the right time. Apollo.io Enrichment gathers information from more than 15 different sources, including social media profiles, company databases and public records.

With this data in hand, it will fill in any missing characteristics of your contacts such as job titles, emails, locations etc., allowing you to keep a complete view of who’s in your contact base at all times.

What sets Apollo.io apart is its focus on accuracy. It uses proprietary algorithms to filter out inaccurate data and only provide you with reliable information.

It also has a built-in system for automatic validation of new contacts, so you don’t have to worry about constantly checking whether the information is up-to-date.

The Apollo.io platform also offers automated segmentation capabilities, allowing you to quickly target specific demographics and create personalized campaigns for each group.

Overall, Apollo.io Enrichment is an ideal tool for businesses who want to save time and improve the efficiency of their marketing efforts.

With its powerful features and accurate data, Apollo.io can help you boost your customer engagement, accelerate sales growth and build long-term relationships with customers.

Best Apollo.io Alternatives in 2023

Apollo.io is a powerful platform for AI-driven strategic intelligence that provides businesses with actionable insights and competitive advantage. 

However, many other Apollo.io alternatives available in the market provide businesses similar features to Apollo.io.

Mentioned below are the main Apollo.io alternatives:

1. Fozzie.io

    Fozzie.io is an innovative lead generation and networking platform that helps businesses of all sizes increase their sales and close more deals.


    With the help of Fozzie.io, you can quickly identify new leads and prospects, establish connections with these leads, track activities associated with each lead, set up automated follow-up processes to nurture relationships and create custom reports.

    Additionally, Fozzie.io allows you to streamline your sales process by taking care of tedious administrative tasks such as scheduling meetings and setting follow-up reminders. As a result, you can unlock the right professional opportunities for your brand. 

    Furthermore, it features a comprehensive dashboard that gives you insights into your team’s performance and tips on improving their efficiency.

    Finally, it also allows business owners to get paid for their time when it comes to making sales calls and meetings. By leveraging Fozzie.io, you can completely control your lead generation process and maximize your success with every sale.

    2. Lusha

    Lusha is a cloud-based software that helps businesses manage their leads, contacts and B2B databases. It offers various features such as CRM integration, lead management, team management and database management.

    With Lusha’s suite of AI-powered tools, you can easily build and maintain an up to date contact list with complete information about your prospects and customers.

    You can also segment your data according to industry, location and other criteria for more accurate targeting.

    Moreover, Lusha’s powerful analytics engine provides deeper insights into customer behavior, allowing you to make well-informed decisions about how to best engage with them.

    3. ZoomInfo InboxAI

    ZoomInfo InboxAI is a powerful software solution that can help businesses automate and enhance their customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities.

    It captures activities, attachments, contacts and relationship intelligence from inboxes and calendars, adding them to your CRM system.

    This allows you to gain full visibility into how prospects and customers interact with your team, allowing you to derive actionable insights from this engagement data.

    4. Groove

    Groove is a virtual sales engagement platform designed to help teams of at least five sales reps close deals faster and more efficiently.


    Groove helps both inbound and outbound sales departments streamline their processes, so they can focus on growing the pipeline and boosting revenue instead. With Apollo.io integration, the power of this platform increases tenfold.

    It’s trusted by over 40,000 professionals who are looking to make the most out of their time when it comes to managing clients, interactions and relationships.

    Utilizing automation and machine learning technologies, Groove enables users to maximize performance while reducing manual effort as much as possible.

    5. UpLead

    UpLead is an invaluable resource for businesses looking to maximize their prospecting efforts.


    With powerful tools and data-driven insights, UpLead provides users access to accurate contact and business data that helps them target the right buyers from the start.

    Prominent companies such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, Dropbox and Apollo.io trust UpLead for its superior technology that makes it seamless to identify and connect with prospects free from bad-fit buyers or low-qualified leads.

    For businesses looking for a frictionless prospecting experience with no manual effort required, UpLead is the ideal solution.

    6. Seamless.ai

    Seamless.ai is a revolutionary sales lead acquisition platform powered by Apollo.io. It allows you to directly access B2B decision makers, helping you close more deals and shorten your sales cycle with ease.

    Seamless.ai combines sophisticated AI technology with an intelligent search engine to help identify potential clients and verify emails in real time.

    With its easy-to-use interface, this platform makes it easy to connect with decision makers quickly, allowing you to build pipelines tailored specifically for your business needs.

    7. Cirrus Insight

    Cirrus Insight is an innovative CRM solution and sales productivity plugin for Salesforce, offering automated tools to streamline sales processes through communication.

    This powerful platform offers a suite of features trusted by renowned companies such as Samsung, Logitech, Kaplan, and Ecolab.

    Featuring Apollo.io integration and other advanced capabilities, Cirrus Insight helps businesses efficiently deliver exceptional customer service while driving successful outcomes.

    With Cirrus Insight at your disposal, you can effortlessly unlock improved efficiency, better collaboration and greater effectiveness in the sales process. It’s the perfect way to optimize operations – fast.

    8. Outreach

    Outreach is an advanced sales engagement app that helps boost efficiency and performance.

    Designed to prioritize, automate and streamline customer touchpoints throughout the sales process, Outreach equips teams with the tools they need to book more meetings, drive greater pipeline and exceed their revenue growth goals.

    By delivering actionable insights and analytics into a team’s performance, Outreach ensures client satisfaction while accelerating revenue opportunities.

    With Apollo.io’s intuitive interface, sales teams can quickly and efficiently maximize their outreach efforts, leading to improved outcomes across the board.

    9. Lead411

    Lead411 is a business information and lead generation platform that provides businesses with the essential data they need to discover new opportunities and make informed decisions.


    With an extensive database of over 30 million public, private, and non-profit companies, Lead411 helps its users uncover actionable insights about their target prospects in minutes.

    It provides access to contact data such as emails, phone numbers, and addresses for verified contacts – without paying for expensive subscriptions or per-lead fees.

    Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) & natural language processing (NLP) technologies, Lead411 also offers additional features such as predictive analytics to help marketers identify potential customer segments quickly and accurately.

    10. Adapt

    Adapt is a powerful Apollo.io alternative that offers access to millions of contact and business information.

    This platform makes it easy for business owners and sales & marketing professionals to obtain accurate, up-to-date contact information to further develop their businesses.

    With Adapt, users can get an edge on the competition by leveraging quality data sources and sophisticated data enrichment capabilities.

    Adapt equips users with the resources they need to succeed in today’s competitive market environment with its reliable, accurate data extraction and segmentation features.

    With its intuitive user interface, Adapt makes it simple for users to find the contact details they need quickly and easily.

    11. RocketReach

    RocketReach is the perfect alternative to Apollo.io for anyone looking to gain real-time access to verified email lookup, phone number lookup, and social media links for over 700 million professionals across 35 million companies worldwide.

    With advanced search capabilities, Chrome and Edge extensions, bulk lookups, and a powerful, intuitive API all in one platform built to scale with you – RocketReach offers an easy-to-use yet comprehensive tool that any business can benefit from.

    It’s fast, reliable and efficient – a tremendous Apollo.io alternative for busy professionals who need quick results!

    The Bottom Line

    Apollo.io is a must-have tool for any business looking for the best sales intelligence platform in 2023. With its intuitive features and powerful analytics capabilities, Apollo.io provides an invaluable resource for businesses of all sizes.

    It can help you find and qualify leads faster, giving you a competitive edge in the market and more efficient sales processes. Investing in Apollo.io now will ensure that your business is well equipped to take advantage of the opportunities ahead in 2023.

    Want to Increase your Sale? Take Help from Fozzie.io

    Fozzie.io is a powerful sales platform designed to help businesses increase their sales. Fozzie.io not only helps you close more deals but also expands your network and gives you the opportunity to get paid for taking the time to make that important sales meeting.


    Fozzie.io allows users to access powerful insights into customer needs, trends and buying patterns. With these insights, businesses can create tailored marketing campaigns and tailor their products or services to meet those customer needs. 

    This helps them to increase their sales and customer loyalty.Fozzie.io also allows users to reach out to potential customers and build relationships. 

    With integrated customer relationship management tools, businesses can connect with prospects quickly and easily and develop relationships more effectively. 

    This helps them understand their customers better, so they can create personalized experiences that increase the likelihood of closing a sale.


    Thus, you can easily generate leads with Fozzie.io and increase your sales. With advanced technology, user-friendly features and a comprehensive platform, Fozzie.io provides the tools businesses need to make more informed decisions that drive profitable growth.

    Contact them today and get the most out of your business!

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